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Iron Mask Miniatures
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Monday, November 25, 2013

First Wave Special Characters: Part 1

The first four Special Characters are sculpted and on their way for casting. I've mentioned some of these before, but here's your chance to review all of them together.

The Dwarf in the Iron Mask

His iron mask is inspired by the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon helmet with face mask. He will have a right-hand hand crossbow and a left-hand 17th Century style lamp. His hands will be compatible with the dwarf duelist hands, so he will also be supplied with a sword and main gauche dagger pair from the main range, as well as an extra right-hand dagger.

The Dwarf Cardinal

His Eminence is unarmed, of course. He has minions to do all of the wet work while he sees to affairs of state and bestows the occasional blessing.

The Dwarf King

Sorry I don't have a better shot of His Majesty, but you may be able to tell from this that he is clearly a fashion trendsetter.

In addition to his lavish cape and extravagant plumes, he sports a cane (supplied as a separate hand). The other two hands you see in this picture are the greens for the lamp and hand crossbow, both of which come with the Dwarf in the Iron Mask.

The Vaguely-Ratlike M Roquefort

M Roquefort is, to date, the only human in the range. He is one of the Cardinal's principal agents and seems to have an affinity for obtaining the services of some demonstrably rat-like minions.

He comes with two right-arm options, one with a sword and one holding a goblet. The glue point for the arms is under the cape. I have a doughty band of 5th and 6th edition Games Workshop Skaven ready to serve as his minions.


There are six more Special Characters in the queue. The next pair should be ready by February, along with a number of new dwarf hands holding things like hat, bottle, handkerchief, torch, etc.

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