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Iron Mask Miniatures
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First Wave Special Characters Part 1 (continued)

Making preparations for the next Kickstarter has monopolized all of my hobby time for the last several months. I've been working on mounted versions of the Dwarf Musketeers, a couple of mounted Special characters, and some other surprises. John Pickford is doing the sculpting, of course, and the greens I've seen and the precasts I finally have in hand look fantastic. There are still a few bits to sculpt and some long-bearded conversions to complete, but progress is good. I want to have all of the precasts in hand before the Kickstarter -- and, with luck, some painted precasts as well. That way, everything can go immediately into production and backers won't have to wait for their premiums.

In the meantime, I received more painted figures from Terry Matheny of Sword and Palette, whose remarkable talents continue to bring the figures to life.

The Dwarf in the Iron Mask has become the de facto mascot for Iron Mask Miniatures. Terry assembled this model with a swept-hilt rapier and trident dagger. The iron mask is inspired by the Sutton Hoo face mask. The worn cloak, with broad surfaces broken by patches and tears, is a reminder of his diminished state.

The Dwarf Cardinal is arguably the most popular of this group of special characters. He is dressed appropriately for a churchman whose political power needs no overt demonstration. The fingers crossed behind his back make dubious the blessing he is bestowing with his right hand.

Where the Cardinal is modestly dressed, the Dwarf King displays the height of fashion. The cane is supplied as a separate hand. If you prefer your royalty more engaged, he could be modeled with a sword, pistol, or even a goblet from one of the other hand sets.

The evil M Roquefort, the cardinal's cheesy and vaguely rat-like agent, is a human. He is supplied with two separate hands, one with a wine glass and one with a sword:

The following shows the Cardinal with some of his minions so you can see the relative sizes of human, dwarf, and ogre.

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