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Iron Mask Miniatures
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Second Kickstarter

The second Kickstarter is almost ready to submit to KS for approval. Although I've had the master castings and precasts in hand for nearly four months, there was still a lot of waiting time while things came together. I wanted the riders to sit more upright, so John reworked the bodies to give them a better fit. Also, although the ponies were near-perfect as is, we needed to level the seat to help maintain good dwarf posture for the riders. You'll be pleased with the results, I think. Finally, the saddle holsters were a bit too large, so they had to be redone. I'll put aside the masters for the larger holsters in the hopes that I'll be able to use them for the dwarf duelists in civilian dress. Finally, I had to give Terry Matheny of Sword and Palette a reasonable amount of time to get all that painting done. (Terry is a saint.) And then the photographing... Don't get me started.

I took advantage of my marathon photography sessions to add pics to the price list on this blog. There are now painted examples of  nearly all of the figures.

The rest of this blog is comprised of images I won't be using for the Kickstarter but are not quite bad enough to throw away. These vignettes are part of  my history of  the War of the Halfling Succession (about which more later).  Enjoy...

The Musketeer Company deploys for battle...

The Dwarf Musketeers break the charge of the Walloon Boars:

The Skirmish at Le Royale:

Enjoying the adoration of the crowd:

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  1. This is the kickstarter I've been waiting for. Can't wait for Wednesday!