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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Second Kickstarter is Underway...

So far, the response to the Mounted Dwarf Musketeers Kickstarter has been encouraging. About half of the backers were supporters of the first Kickstarter. It is gratifying to see so many supporters returning. Thanks to you all.

You can find the new Kickstarter here. It will run until noon on Friday, September 11. The money raised will be used to put the Mounted Dwarf Musketeers into production -- and the premiums are nice, too.

As with the dismounted Dwarf Musketeer Duelists, there are 24 variants of the Dwarf Mounted Musketeers -- more if, like me, you like get creative with the separate-head variants and special hands. Here are a few images of painted precasts, just to whet your appetite.

The above figures use the same separate-head system as the Dwarf Musketeer Duelists and, since the heads are compatible across the entire range, you can have mounted and dismounted versions of the same figure, if you like:

The following Mounted Dwarf Musketeers are modeled as pistoleers using the Pistols and Saddle Holsters hand set.

I'm particularly pleased with the ponies, although I cannot take credit for them in any way. They were originally sculpted for White Knight Miniatures and are used with his kind permission. At Iron Mask Miniatures, we call them the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse:

And we've introduced some new Personalities as well. These are being given away as stretch goals, although they can also be purchased as add-ons.

First, there is the mounted version of the halfling duelist Dart Onion:

And, of course, a mounted version of the Dwarf Cardinal:

And finally, both mounted and dismounted versions of Basile le Fou.

Basile is a fun figure. Mounted, he has his reins in his teeth as he fires away with both pistols. Dismounted, he holds a rapier in his left hand and fires a pistol with his right.


  1. I recently came across these on KS and decided to back the project. I never knew about the first KS, but I love how the miniatures look. I also like the way the heads and hands seem to be made to be pretty sturdy without pinning - pinning is one of my least favorite things to do with miniatures, but too many are made these days where pinning is necessary if you want to avoid bits falling off with minimal handling.
    I may also look into purchasing other figures in your line at some point, if possible.
    Great characterful minis!
    Good luck with the kickstarter!

    1. Thanks for the kind words and for supporting the Kickstarter. Every little bit helps. I'd like to think that the quality of these miniatures in design, sculpting, and casting speaks for itself. It's difficult for a cottage-based miniatures company to compete with high-volume manufacturers, so comments like yours are appreciated. Spread the word.

      All the best,


  2. Splendid figures, love the Musketeers!

  3. Thanks. And there are more coming!