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Iron Mask Miniatures
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Monday, April 15, 2013

And Colors Bright and True...

[This posting's slide show presents the long-awaited painted figures. These dwarf Musketeer duelists were brought to life under the brush of master painter Terry Matheny of Sword and Palette. I could go on all day about how great his work is, but the figures speak for themselves.]

Getting the figures painted is a big step toward initiating the Kickstarter program. I want to be able to show prospective funders that I have the dwarf duelists on hand and ready to go into production. The figures above were assembled using four bodies, eight heads, and an assortment of hands with rapier, dagger, and pistol. Most of the daggers were converted from rapiers. Empty hands were used to give the figures greater animation and attitude.

The Cardinal's Guard ogres are on the sculptor's workbench and should be completed in a matter of weeks (give or take), so I will soon have useful shots of the greens to use for Kickstarter. In the meantime, to take up the slack left by the absent ogres, here are some duelists I painted as Cardinal's Guard:

These are four of the eight conversions with integral heads sporting long hair and beards. Note that three of the figures defer to 17th Century fashion by wearing long wigs, and as in some portraits from the period, the usually black wigs did not always match the color of the beard. Fashion is fashion, I guess.

The bases are 30mm lipped, slotted bases. I plan to release these bases with the figures (the ogres will have 40mm lipped, slotted bases). In the photos above, I used wood filler to create the cobblestone texture, added paint and a couple of washes, then finished off each base with a small weed or two growing in the gaps in the cobblestone.