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Iron Mask Miniatures
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First Wave Special Characters: Part 2

Here is the final group of First Wave Special Characters (painted by Terry Matheny of Sword and Palette). More personalities will be coming in the Second Wave, which will feature mounted Dwarf Musketeers. All told, the mounted figures will include twelve separate-head options, twelve more full-bearded, long-haired options (with integral heads), and mounted versions of some of the Special Characters. There will also be at least one limited-edition figure that will come in both mounted and dismounted versions. The Second Wave will provide mounted analogs for each of the 24 dismounted figures currently available. It will also allow you to model many unique figures so that your mounted units have real variety, whether they are modeled as escorts, pistoliers, or battle cavalry. Now, on to the painted personalities...

First, we have Milady de l'elfe, one of the Musketeers' most dangerous adversaries. She was originally going to be a fantasy female dwarf. Then I decided to make her an elf. After going back and forth a few times, I finally decided to make her half dwarf and half elf. Her ability to walk freely in the dwarven courts, coupled with her ties to the darker side of Elfdom, make her the consummate agent for the Cardinal.

While - things like costume and general pose, including the lethal dagger held behind her back, were easy to define, it was a challenge to figure out how best to convey a half-dwarf, half-elf heritage. Pointy ears were a must, of course, but I wanted her stature to favor her dwarven heritage. That being said, I also wanted to avoid the "traditional" look of fantasy dwarf females, with their aggressive demeanors, over-the-top weapons, and dubious anatomical endowments. Colin and I went through many iterations before we settled on the concept art. When John started work on the sculpture, the back and forth continued until we found a vision of the figure which celebrated her dwarven heritage but did not give in to stereotypes:

To make the casting easier, her mask is a separate piece. She also comes with a fan and, for those more conspiratorial enterprises, and a sealed scroll, no doubt a carte blanche from His Emminence himself.

The last of the Cardinal's minions is Jussac, the Ogre Captain of the Cardinal's Guard. He is clearly an ogre of quality and a notorious duelist -- although ogres are adherents of  L'├ęcole de la force brute so "duelist" may not really be the right word.

The hand is cast as a separate piece and is, of course, compatible with the sword, dagger, and pistol hands supplied with the Cardinal's Guard Ogres set. For casting purposes, the sheathed sword and plume are also separate and the figure can be modeled without them.

In a more heroic vein, we have the gallant halfling Dartleby Onion, known to his companions as Dart Onion. He may be the only halfling ever to aspire to be a King's Musketeer.

He has separate hands, so the sword and dagger can be modeled in different orientations. Rather than a rapier, he has a stout epee more suitable to his stature. He is, however, a lethal duelist in spite of his size.

No self-respecting duelist would ever care to be seen without a suitable lackey in his service. To this end, one of the first things Dart Onion did upon his arrival in Paris was to hire Planchet.

Planchet is a single-piece casting. He is well equipped with supplies, including an armful of liquid refreshment.

As important as a lackey is to an aspiring King's Musketeer, a proper mistress is even more important. Dart Onion's sweetheart is the fair Constance, a Halfling maiden who also happens to be the Queen's seamstress.

And, finally, we have Her Majesty, the sometimes neglected (and often underestimated) Queen who commands the loyalty and devotion of the King's Musketeers.

Her fetching gown and simple crown are modest (well, sort of) as befits her demure presence -- but there is an ample supply of bejeweled rings on her fingers to bestow on her gallant champions.