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Iron Mask Miniatures
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How to purchase these figures

If you wish to own some of these Dwarf Musketeers, Cardinal's Guard Ogres, or Three Musketeers-themed fantasy personalities, please refer to the following product information.Money from sales goes back into the project to complete the Dwarf Musketeer range.

To place an order, e-mail me at with a list of your wants. I’ll get back to you with the total including postage. After I receive your payment via PayPal, I’ll ship your figures.

Dwarf Musketeer duelists

The Dwarf Musketeer duelists are available in sets of four figures:
  • DM1A Dwarf Musketeers (4).
    Four dwarf bodies with separate heads and hands. Four different heads with trimmed beards. Plumed Cavalier hats with upturned brims. $16.50
  • DM1B Dwarf Musketeers (4).
    Four dwarf bodies with separate heads and hands.
    Four different heads with trimmed beards. Flat-brimmed Cavalier hat, flat cap, Highland-style bonnet, head scarf. $16.50
  • DM1C Dwarf Musketeers (4).
    Four dwarf bodies with separate heads and hands.
    Four different heads with trimmed beards.Two bare heads, a fancy cavalier hat, and a plain hat with tall crown. $16.50
  • DM2 Dwarf Musketeers (4).
    Four dwarf bodies with separate hands and integral heads (based on the DM1A heads), full beards and long hair. Three of the figures wear long wigs curled in the fashion of 17th C gentlemen. $16.50
  • DM3 Dwarf Musketeers (4).
    Four dwarf bodies with separate hands and integral heads (based on the DM1B heads), full beards and long hair. $16.50
  • DM4 Dwarf Musketeers (4).
    Four dwarf bodies with separate hands and integral heads (based on the DM1C heads), full beards and long hair. $16.50

Dwarf Musketeer Hand Sets

Each Dwarf Musketeer code includes either DH1 or DH2 Rapiers & Daggers shown below. If you prefer, you may substitute any other hand set. The hand sets are also available separately.

DMH1: Rapiers & Daggers (1): $3.50 
DMH2: Rapiers & Daggers (2): $3.50 
DMH3: Heavy Cavalry Rapiers: $3.50 
DMH4: Pistols and Empty Hands: $3.50 
DMH5: Special Hands (1): $3.50 
DMH6: Special Hands (2): $3.50 
DMH7: Pistols and Saddle Holsters: $3.50       

Mounted Dwarf Musketeers

The Mounted Dwarf Musketeers match up very well with the dismounted ones. The product codes will help you determine which mounted figures correspond to which dismounted figures. For example, MDM1A contains the mounted versions of DM1A, MDM2 corresponds to DM2, and so on. Each pack of four Mounted Dwarf Musketeers includes four different ponies. The figures are supplied with DMH3 Heavy Rapiers. Alternatively, you can select DMH7 Pistols and Saddle Holsters.

MDM1A Mounted Dwarf Musketeers
Cavalier Hats.
 MDM1A Mounted Dwarf Musketeers $42.50. Riders match set DM1A.


MDM1B Mounted Dwarf Musketeers
Assorted Hats$33.50.
 MDM1B Mounted Dwarf Musketeers $42.50. Riders match set DM1B.

MDM1C Mounted Dwarf Musketeers
Hats & Bare Heads. $33.50.
 MDM1C Mounted Dwarf Musketeers $42.50. Riders match set DM1C.

MDM2 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers
Cavalier Hats, long hair, full beards
. $33.50.
 MDM2 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers $42.50. Riders match set DM2.

MDM3 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers
Assorted Hats, long hair, full beards
. $33.50.
 MDM3 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers $42.50. Riders match set DM3.

MDM4 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers
Hats & Bare Heads, long hair, full beards
. $33.50.
 MDM4 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers $42.50. Riders match set DM4.

MDM5A/B/C Mounted Dwarf Musketeer Pickets. $33.50.

The mounted pickets carry firelock muskets in the right hands. The muskets are included, but you may also select a different hand set. The picket on the right, for example, holds a rapier with mortuary guard from Hand Set 3 Heavy Rapiers.

MDM6A/B/C Mounted Dwarf Musketeer Escorts. $33.50.

The mounted escorts ride with both hands on the reins, as they might appear in formal parade or whn escorting Her Majesty's coach.

Forlorn Hope

The Dwarf Musketeer Forlorn Hope is comprised of musketeers armed with firelock muskets and some distinctive command figures. Because unsupported musketeers could be vulnerable to attack from cavalry or heavy infantry, we have included pikemen for pike-and-shotte formations and steadfast halberdiers to reinforce the firing line.

FH01A/B/C Forlorn Hope Firing I

This group of four figures includes three poses, two kneeling and one standing. All of the firing poses have the left hand gripping the musket rest. FH01B (with Assorted Hats) is shown. $16.50

FH02A/B/C Forlorn Hope Firing II

This pack of four figures includes two poses, one kneeling and one standing. The figures are identical to two of the poses from FH01 except for the musket rest, which is angled further forward. This is mainly to add variety and interest to the firing line. Note, however, that the extended musket rest requires a 25mm or larger base. FH02A (with Plumed Cavalier Hats) is showns based on 1” hexes. $16.50

FH03A/B/C Forlorn Hope at the Ready


This set of four figures includes three poses ready to fire. FH03A (with Plumed Cavalier Hats) is shown. $16.50

FH04A/B/C Forlorn Hope Loading

This set of four figures includes three poses, two priming the pan and one ramming shot (x2). The figures come with separate  musket rests. FH01A (with Plumed Cavalier Hats) is shown. $16.50

FH05A/B/C Forlorn Hope Advancing I

Four different poses advancing with musket and musket rest. FH05B (with Assorted Hats) is shown. $16.50

FH06A/B/C Forlorn Hope Advancing II


This set consists of one pose advancing. In addition to separate heads, these figures have separate hands, the left holding a musket rests and the right holding muskets in different positions. The figures can also be modeled with rapiers, pistols, command accessories, and other hands from any of the nine current hand sets. FH06A (with Plumed Cavalier Hats) is shown. $16.50

FH07A/B/C Forlorn Hope Standing


This group consists of one pose standing (x4). FH01C Hats and bare heads is shown. $16.50

FH08 Veteran Firelock Company

The Veteran Firelock Company consists of ten different poses with integral heads with longer hair and full beard. $39.50

FH09 Veteran Firelock Company Reinforcements 

This is a group of five additional figures to reinforce the Veteran Firelock Company. All are unique except for the halfling drummer (which you can order separately as item SC13 -- see "Special Characters" below). The reinforcements include a bearded officer/ensign, a grisly sergeant, two marksmen in poses only available in this set, and the halfling drummer.

Like the Veteran Firelock Company, the figures in this set all have integral heads. $20.50

Both Veteran Firelock sets (15 figures) can be purchased together for $57.00.

FH11A/B/C Pikemen Standing


This pack has one pose standing (x4). FH11C (with Cavalier Hats and Bare Heads) is shown. $16.50

FH12A/B/C Pikemen At the Ready


This set consists of one pose at-the-ready (x4). FH12A (with Plumed Cavalier Hats) is shown right (modeled with the heads turned to the left). FH12C (with Assorted Hats) is shown above (modeled with the heads facing front). $16.50


FH13A/B/C Pikemen Advancing


This group consists of one pose advancing (x4). FH01B (with Assorted Hats) is shown. $16.50

FH14A/B/C Halberdier Standing

This pack consists of one pose at attention (x4). FH14A (with Plumed Cavalier Hats) is shown.

FH15A/B/C Halberdier At the Ready


This set consists of one pose at the ready (x4). As with the FH12 Pike at the Ready, these figures can be modeled with the head facing forward or turned to the left. FH15B (with Assorted Hats) is shown. $16.50

FH16A/B/C Halberdier Advancing


This group has one pose advancing (x4). FH16C (with Cavalier Hats and bare heads) shown.

FH20A/B/C Regimental Command. $16.50


The Regimental Command pack includes two Officer/Ensign figures, one Sergeant, and a Halberdier. The figures shown use a mix of heads from FH20A, FH20B, and FH20C.

For additional command figures, look in the Special Characters section below for the Senior Officer (SC12) and the Halfling Drummer (SC13).

Cardinal's Guard Ogres

Each CGS-1 Cardinal’s Guard Ogres Set includes:

  • Four Cardinal’s Guard Ogre bodies with separate heads and hands.
  • 6 hands with rapiers (3 right and 3 left) with examples of cup guard, sail guard, swept hilt, and mortuary guard rapiers and daggers held at different angles
  • 6 hands with daggers (3 right and 3 left)
  • 1 hand holding a halberd (right hand)
  • 2 hands with Dragons (blunderbuss pistols -- 1 left and 1 right)
  • 4 empty hands (left and right open hands, left and right fists)
  • Ogre bits when available, including an empty sheath, a pouch, a water bottle, a shot case, and a powder flask.
Cardinal's Guard Ogre are $39.50 per set of four.

The Cardinal's Guard Ogres are also available individually, as follows.The are supplied with extra hands.

CGO-1. d'Ossau the Duelist. $10.50.

 d’Ossau the Duelist

CGO-2. Puigmal the Pistolier. $10.50.

 Puigmal the Pistolier

CGO-3 de Soularac the Sentry $10.50
de Soularac the Halberdier

CGO-4 Puig Carlit the Dense. $10.50.

 Puig Carlit the Dense

Special Characters

Currently, there are eleven personalities to complete the Three Musketeers theme:

    SC1 The Dwarf in the Iron Mask. $7.25
    He is the King's long-lost identical twin, condemned to life imprisonment because of the threat he poses to the throne. His mask is inspired by the
    Sutton-Hoo face mask. This is a limited-edition figure: 81 remaining of the original 200 castings.
    SC2 The Dwarf Cardinal. $5.00 
    SC2M Mounted Dwarf Cardinal. $8.25 
    The Cardinal is the true power behind the throne. He will do anything in the cause of preserving the kingdom. While he gives a benediction with his left hand, he is crossing his fingers behind his back. 

    The mounted version of the Dwarf Cardinal represents him as he might appear when commanding his Guard in the field. He comes with an official warrant or a randomly selected weapon in his right hand. 

    The mounted and dismounted versions of the Dwarf Cardinal can be purchased together for $12.00.

    SC3 The Dwarf King. $5.00

    Dressed in impeccable 17th Century style, the Dwarf King is so involved with the social affairs at court that he neglects the Queen and leaves the management of the kingdom to the Cardinal.

    SC4 M Roquefort. $5.00
    He is human (mostly), but vaguely rat-like. He is a deadly swordsman and the Cardinal's most ruthless henchman. It is rumored that he has a legion of conspicuously rat-like minions at his beck and call.

    SC5 Milady de l'elfe. $5.00

    Milady is half-dwarf, half-elf, (an acquired taste). She is the Cardinal's most deadly agent but, unlike the Cardinal, is determined to foster chaos and disorder throughout the realm.


    SC6 Jussac the Ogre Captain. $11.50  
    Jussac, an ogre of quality, is the captain of the Cardinal's Guard Ogres. He is a master of the l'Ecole de la force brute, the school of fencing favored by ogres. Supplied with a separate (empty, gesturing) hand and a random right-handed weapon, although he can use any of the hands provided with the Cardinal's Guard Ogres set. 

    SC7 Dart Onion. $5.00
    SC7M Dart Onion mounted. $8.25.

    Also known as Dart Onion (of course), he is unique among halflings in his aspiration to become one of the King's Musketeers. He has adopted the cavalier hat and broad-topped boots (largish, to fit his largish feet) of his heroes and is lethal with epee and dagger. 

    The mounted and dismounted versions of Dart can be purchased together for $12.00. 

    SC8 Planchet. $5.00
    Planchet is Dart's lackey (and also a halfling). He is familiar with every bakery, tavern, hotel, distillery, inn, winery, butcher shop, ale house, and street vendor in the kingdom.

    SC9 Constance. $5.00
    Constance is Dart Onion's lover and, as the Queen's seamstress, a critical channel of communication between the Musketeers and their beloved Queen. She is often at the center of the Queen's intrigues.

    SC10 The Dwarf Queen. $5.00
    The Queen, though neglected by her husband and spurned by many in the court, has found ways to occupy her time and further her interests. Frequently, he wishes are in direct conflict with those of the Cardinal, whom she considers here deadliest enemy. She is well known for presenting herself in regal splendor.

    SC11 Basile le Fou. $17.00

    Basile le Fou earned his nickname because of his penchant for charging his enemies with his reins in his teeth and both pistols blazing. He comes both mounted with separate pistols (and a pony, of course) and dismounted as a single-piece casting with rapier and pistol.

    SC12 Senior Officer. $5.00

    The Senior Officer is supplied with a right-hand spontoon and an empty left hand (either pointing, open, or making a fist -- randomly selected) as seen on the figure on the left, above. The other figures use hands from the various hand sets.

    SC13 Halfling Drummer. $5.00 

    The Halfling Drummer is a single-piece casting.


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